Frank Reich On NFL Combine And Draft Insider Ryan Wilson

0:00 - 4:27 Colts News with Matt Taylor

4:28- 13:11 - Frank Reich with Larra Overton previewing the NFL Scouting Combine Next Week

13:12- 35:08 - The Writer's Block - Colts.com Andrew Walker joins Matt Taylor to discuss the free agent cases of Devin Funchess and Jabaal Sheard. The guys also break down the changes at the Combine this year.

35:09 - 57:10 - Ryan Wilson, NFL draft insider for CBSsports.com, joins Matt Taylor to discuss depth in the draft at quarterback, wide receiver and defensive tackle.

57:11 - 1:27 - Colts Categorical Trivia with Andrew Walker, Larra Overton, Jeffrey Gorman, Casey Vallier, Jim Sorgi and Matt Taylor