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  • First Colts Cheerleader Audition Workshop of 2015

    (01:33) Posted 4 hours ago

    The 2015 Cheerleader Audition Workshops have started, and takes you through the first audition one to get an idea of what it takes to become a Colts cheerleader.

  • 1-on-1 with Re-Signed Long Snapper Matt Overton

    (3:04) Posted 6 hours ago

    Steve Andress caught up with Matt Overton after he signed his new contract to talk about keeping the 4th Down Army together, his work in the community, and the famous Combine koozie long snapper.

  • Bill Polian's Hall of Fame Moment

    (2:42) Posted Mar 3, 2015

    Watch the moment Bill Polian found out he was inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame.

  • Through the Eyes of the Owner

    (5:05) Posted Mar 2, 2015

    Colts Vice Chair/Owner Kalen Irsay has been a part of many different departments within the Colts organization, but this past season she began working in a field that has always interested her - photography. Kalen is fast becoming an expert, giving fans a glimpse into areas of the franchise they've never before seen. Colts Media Reporter Steve Andress has the story.

  • Best of 2014: Pregame Speeches

    (02:11) Posted Mar 2, 2015

    Relive the best pregame speeches by the Colts Offense from the 2014 season.

  • #ColtsNation Bracket: "Blue Mare", Heather Lloyd

    (2:03) Posted Mar 1, 2015

    The Blue Mare is one of the charter members of the Blue Ladies fan club with the Indianapolis Colts. Her name is Heather Lloyd. And she has evolved into much more than just a fan. Voting in the #ColtsNation Bracket begins Selection Sunday, March 15th on

  • #ColtsNation Bracket: "Helmet Head", Scott Paris

    (1:16) Posted Mar 1, 2015

    The "Helmet Head" started painting his dome as a Colts helmet when an opposing coach accused the Colts of using fake noise almost 10 years ago. He's been a super fan ever since. Voting for the #ColtsNation Bracket begins Selection Sunday, March 15th on

  • Colts UpClose 02-28-2015: Part 1

    (10:05) Posted Feb 28, 2015

    In part one of this week's Colts UpClose, Steve Andress, Kevin Bowen, and Jim Sorgi discuss the impact that the release of Ricky Jean Francois will have on the Colts offseason, they also talk about the wonderlic test to decide who is the smartest analyst on the show, and Colts employees run the 40 yard dash while comedian Mike Epps and Matt Hasselbeck commentate the event.

  • Colts UpClose 02-28-2015: Part 2

    (05:47) Posted Feb 28, 2015

    In part two of this week's Colts UpClose, Tony Dungy stops by the set to go over a number of topics including Reggie Wayne's decision to come back next season, and what his thoughts are about the Colts heading into the 2015 season.

  • Colts UpClose 02-28-2015: Part 3

    (03:44) Posted Feb 28, 2015

    In part three of this week's Colts UpClose, the #ColtsNation bracket has two more participants unveiled, Helmet Head, and the Blue Mare.