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Mobile Ticketing

Step #1
- Using your mobile phone's internet browser, go to log in using the credentials provided to you.

Step #2 - You will see "Colts Home Games" under "My upcoming Events".  Click on "Colts Home Games"

Step #3 - Click on the drop down where it says "select an action"

Step #4 - Choose the action "View Your Tickets"

Step #5 - Choose which tickets you would like to view on mobile

Step #6 - Scroll down to the bottom and click View Your Tickets

Step #7 - This is your mobile ticket in Account Manager.  If you have an iPhone and would like to add the ticket to your passbook, click the "Add to Passbook" icon.

Step #8 - You should now see your ticket in Passbook.

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Season Ticket Seat Location Marketplace
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