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CIM- Smile on Down Syndrome 2012 Buddy Walk

Colts In Motion is a 42' long traveling Colts museum. Colts In Motion is available to attend all sorts of events including Fairs, Festivals and Celebrations free of charge.

  • DATE: October 6, 2012
  • TIME:  9:00 AM 
  • LOCATION:  1700 Apple Ridge Drive, Evansville

Colts In Motion has the following features:

- Six interactive televisions

- Watch the top plays of current and alumni Colts players

- Find out how to stay connected with the best mascot in the NFL, BLUE

- Feel the difference between the old Astro Turf and new Field Turf

- NFL Equipment Display

- Lucas Oil Stadium/Training Complex Wall

- See a day in the life of a Colts Cheerleader on our Cheerleading Wall

- Test yourself to see how well you know Colts players and coaches

- Tons of Colts factoids

- "Join the Team" wall showing players giving back to the community

- And last but not least - a Colts Penny Press!

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