Colts Film Breakdown: T.Y. Hilton’s 61-Yard Touchdown From Jacoby Brissett

Posted Sep 25, 2017

Intro: Each week will take a look at a significant play from the previous week’s contest. This week’s installment examines the work behind T.Y. Hilton’s 61-yard touchdown reception in Sunday’s victory over the Cleveland Browns.

INDIANAPOLIS — This week’s film breakdown looks at the entire team effort behind T.Y. Hilton’s 61-yard touchdown reception in Sunday’s victory over the Cleveland Browns.

Here’s the All-22 development of Jacoby Brissett and Hilton hooking up for the quarterback’s first-career touchdown pass:


It’s 3rd and 6 from the Indianapolis 39-yard line. The Colts are leading the Browns, 14-7, with 5:27 remaining in the second quarter. Brissett lines up in the shotgun with Robert Turbin to his left. He sends T.Y. Hilton, who was lined up on the far right side, in motion to the left next to Quan Bray, who is lined up just to the right of tight end Jack Doyle. Donte Moncrief is the lone receiver lined up on the left side of the line. The Browns show a 4-2-5 look (four down linemen, two linebackers and five defensive backs) in man-to-man coverage with Jabrill Peppers as the single-high safety lined up deep in the secondary — about 25 yards away from the line of scrimmage. Defensive back Jamar Taylor is assigned to cover Hilton.


On the snap, the Browns bring a heavy rush, with six players coming at Brissett. Last week, offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski said he expected Cleveland to be unconventional in its schemes, and that was definitely the case on this play, as they brought all four down linemen and one linebacker and one defensive back each on the blitz, while the remaining five players worked in man-to-man coverage in the back end. Brissett has a quick five-step drop and is looking Hilton’s way the entire time. The protection holds up with just enough time for him to deliver a pass to the receiver along the right sideline at the 50-yard line just before defensive lineman Nate Orchard, who beat Joe Haeg off the right side, and linebacker Joe Schobert, who came in on a stunt untouched off the left edge, converge at the quarterback.


Hilton, Bray and Doyle have perfect spacing on their routes to get Hilton free into open space. The three sprint down the field lined up right next to each other to the Indianapolis 45-yard line, getting Taylor, who is supposed to be covering Hilton, all crossed up. Doyle at that point curls to his left, and is also wide open for a big play should Brissett choose to go to that progression, but Hilton is the No. 1 option here. He catches the pass at the 50 and turns his head upfield to see Bray locking up his defender, defensive back Briean Boddy-Calhoun, with a great block, propelling Hilton to cut up the field to his left. From that point, Hilton only has one man to beat, and it’s Peppers, the deep safety, but he took way too deep of an angle to have a shot at Hilton, who sprints into the end zone to complete the 61-yard touchdown play to put the Colts up 21-7.

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