Tuesday's Top 10 - Locker Room

Posted Nov 19, 2013

A behind the scenes look at the Colts locker room after a game.

Tuesday's Top 10 - Locker Room

Today's Top 10 is all about the locker room after a game.  Shooting the locker room after a game is a very tricky task for me to pull off.  First of all, the locker room is usually chaotic and crazy, especially after a big win...(Denver, Seattle, San Francisco).  My goal is to capture the emotion in the room without getting in the way.  At 6'7" and a bit awkward, this can prove difficult for me from time to time.  Crazy celebration dances are very common and dangerous for those standing or kneeling with in arms reach...usually me.  The catch is that the best images are usually up close and I shoot with a wide angle 17mm lens...close my eyes, hammer on the shutter and hope that I don't get kicked in the head (Mathis has a really high swing kick).  Once everything has settled down and all of the players are  in the locker room, Coach Pagano calls them into a tight circle in the center of the room. At this point I position myself directly across from coach and kneel down to try to stay out of the way.  We say a short prayer and coach Pagano addresses the team.  I put my camera on silent mode and limit my shots.  Once the coach is done, he announces how much time off the players will have before the next practice.  Again, this is a very dangerous time for me based on what coach announces!  Now I am kneeling in the middle of 53 players that are about to erupt.  My best defense for this chaos is to celebrate with them!  This is when being 6'7" comes in handy.....I raise my camera in the air and hope something comes out in focus!

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