The Return Of Dwayne Allen Means A More Creative Colts Offense In 2014

Posted Jul 9, 2014

Intro: It was a facet of the Colts offense that was supposed to flourish in 2014. How will the return of a healthy Dwayne Allen impact Pep Hamilton’s system utilizing multiple tight ends?

INDIANAPOLIS – How would Pep Hamilton’s offense differ from Bruce Arians’ scheme?

That was the question of the 2013 offseason and the answers came from a variety of different angles and scenarios.

One aspect of Hamilton’s system that was pretty clear was the tight end position would be used in heavy doses, and in a multitude of ways.

It seemed like an ideal scenario to have a tight end friendly offense use the talents of Coby Fleener and Dwayne Allen.

Unfortunately, how the Colts would pair Fleener and Allen together never panned out.

Allen, a player who provides the unique ability to allow the Colts to be unpredictable with formations, had his 2013 season cut short after just 32 snaps.

After participating in the Colts entire offseason program, Allen is back and the possibilities are endless with him and Fleener this season.

“It makes us a better football team,” Colts tight ends coach Alfredo Roberts says of a healthy Allen. “Getting him back is like getting a brand new player.

“(Allen) gives you a chance to do some other things. His skillset allows us to protect it up, or throw it or run it when we see the advantage. He gives us an advantage because he can do some things in the backfield, do some things in-line where Coby we feel like has blossomed as an outside guy. It gives you a little more of a chance to be creative.”

Allen himself hasn’t had time for much of a vacation in the break before training camp.

He’s in the process of fine-tuning his body, something he admits he didn’t do as good of a job as he needed to last offseason.

The injury has also provided Allen with some perspective on a game he adores.

“That’s one of the things that comes with an injury,” Allen says. “You appreciate what you do for a living more. You are thankful for the guys around you, for the organization that you’re playing for. Those are some of the things I was able to gain with having the injury and the year off.”

With Allen back in the fold, the Colts have the third-year tight end duo that should make Hamilton sleep a bit easier at night.

We still didn’t get a complete look in 2013 at what Hamilton’s offensive system is all about.

From a sideline view last season, Allen has one specific area he expects the Colts offense to be better in this fall.

“Being able to dictate the game always, from start to finish,” Allen says.

“I remember early on last season we kept having those late starts or not getting off to a fast enough start offensively and having to rely on the defense a lot. So this year I’m hoping that offensively we’re able to dictate the game whenever, whether it’s the start, the middle, the end. Whenever the ball’s in our hands, we control the game.”

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