One Week From Roster Cuts, How Will The Wide Receiver Position Shake Out?

Posted Aug 19, 2014

Intro: We are now one week away from league wide roster cuts down to 75 players. How will the Colts receiver position, one of the deepest on the team, shake out over the next week or so?

INDIANAPOLIS – One week from today, the Colts roster will shrink by 15 players.

That will leave 75 players having next Thursday as their last audition before final cuts come on August 30, leaving the roster at 53 players.

Ever since the Colts drafted Donte Moncrief in the third round of May’s NFL Draft, there was an obvious logjam, albeit a good one, at the receiver position.

Most 53-man rosters include five-to-six receivers.

The Colts have the obvious roster locks at receiver in Reggie Wayne, T.Y. Hilton, Hakeem Nicks and Donte Moncrief.

Where do guys like Griff Whalen and Da'Rick Rogers fit into the mix?

“It’s going to be extremely difficult because you see those guys making plays and doing great things. They’ve all had their moments,” Chuck Pagano says. “Griff (Whalen) is Griff, and Griff is solid and consistent. He goes out there and does a nice job and makes plays. Da’Rick made some plays (Saturday) night. I know he had one called back for an OPI, but he did a nice job there on the touchdown, great release and catch for a touchdown pass.

“There’s a lot of guys just trying to make a case for themselves, so these next couple weeks are going to be very, very important for all those guys.”

The crowded receiver position is a problem that Chuck Pagano and Ryan Grigson have wanted to create at every group since their arrival in 2012.

Toss in an impressive class of undrafted free agents and returning practice squad member Josh Lenz, and number crunching at the receiver position becomes a task in itself.

“We haven’t really made a decision on that yet,” Pagano says on the numbers at wide receiver.

“There’s a blueprint we’ve always kind of gone by based on health of guys and things like that not only at that one position, but at other positions. You may go heavy in a certain area because of health issues, injury issues, things like that. Guys may be available maybe a week or two into the season, so it’s kind of up in the air as far as that goes right now.”

The leader of the Colts talented pass catching group has yet to see the playing field this preseason.

Reggie Wayne has said he would like to get some game action before the regular season rolls round.

His head coach though isn’t ready just yet to say when, or if, 87 will play.

“There’s a possibility. We’re managing that thing and keeping a close eye on (Wayne),” Pagano says.

“From a physical standpoint, make sure there’s not too much wear and tear on that knee early on coming back. We’re going to monitor him this week and see how he goes. If things go according to plan, there’s a possibility there, but again, we’ll make sure he’s ready for action.”

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