Matt Hasselbeck Would Love To Play For The Colts Beyond The 2014 Season

Posted Jul 7, 2014

Intro: The oldest player on the Colts offense would love to continue playing beyond 2014. What keeps Matt Hasselbeck energized with his 39th birthday just two months away?

INDIANAPOLIS – For most NFL quarterbacks, walking off the practice field after a day’s work means it’s rest time for those throwing arms.

The golden slingers are one of the major reasons why these guys are in the NFL to begin with, and they will get back after it the following day, but the evening is time for a little recovery.

Matt Hasselbeck follows suit.

After throwing a couple hundred balls during each offseason training activity, the right arm of Hasselbeck is shut down for the evening.

But the left arm is just getting started.

Hasselbeck goes from football player to dad, and with that means a right handed baseball glove is coming on and the left arm is getting warmed up for some backyard pitch and catch with his son.

That sounds more like the life of a 38-year-old father of three but Hasselbeck’s day job is competing, his favorite activity, against those more than a decade younger then the Colts backup quarterback.

“I’m just trying to stack a great practice on top of another a great practice, a great workout on top of another good workout,” Hasselbeck said following an offseason workout last month.

“You just can’t get complacent or you’ll get replaced, whether you want to leave or not. I think my focus right now is getting a little more powerful, little quicker, and just trying to play as well as I can.”

In a little more than two weeks, Hasselbeck will enter his 17th NFL training camp.

To many, these days can be some of the more tedious in an NFL calendar that rarely stops, but not for a guy like Hasselbeck.

“I really feel like I do need it, especially being on a new team,” Hasselbeck says. This is a great opportunity to get coached and get reps.

“During the season, Andrew (Luck) is the guy getting coached and we just kind of get to be in the room. The opportunity for our coaches to be critical on us and fine tune our techniques…this is a great opportunity to get coached by some of the best.”

It was thought that the 2014 campaign might be the swan song for Hasselbeck.

His contract comes to a close at the end of this season but the chance to extend his playing career with the Colts is something that is very appealing to the man still looking to reach the game’s pinnacle.

“Ideally, that would be a dream come true,” Hasselbeck says of playing into 2015 and beyond.

“There’s no timetable where I need to make a call on that but I set a short term goal of finishing my contract. I’m close to accomplishing that and if I do, I’ll have to figure out a new goal.”

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