Josh Ferguson Has ‘More Comfort’ Going Into Second Year

Posted May 3, 2017

Intro: As he enters his second year in the league and with the Indianapolis Colts, running back Josh Ferguson is excited about having a shot to compete.

INDIANAPOLIS — After a rookie year in which he got limited chances to show what he can do, Josh Ferguson is ready to show his worth to the Indianapolis Colts this offseason.

Ferguson was signed by the Colts about this time last offseason after going undrafted out of Illinois, where he said he seemingly had a new offense to learn just about every season.

But this time around, Ferguson hopes to thrive off the continuity of his second year in the NFL in offensive coordinator Rob Chudzinski’s system.

“It’s been cool just to be in the same system,” Ferguson said this week. “Going through the whole re-install process with our coaches this offseason has been awesome, especially having a whole year under your belt in it.”

Signed by the Colts as a speedy running back that could do it all — run and catch the ball, as well as contribute on special teams — Ferguson did a little bit of everything in his rookie year. He played in all 16 games, running the ball 15 times for 20 yards, catching 20 passes for 136 yards, returning four kickoffs for 80 yards and a punt for no gain, while also contributing two tackles on special teams.

It wasn’t exactly the kind of production Ferguson, who finished second in Illinois history with 4,474 all-purporse yards, could go into this offseason hanging his hat on. But it was a first step, nonetheless, and he hopes his familiarity going from Year 1 to Year 2 will allow him to take a major step forward in 2017.

“I think it’s pretty natural, your second time doing something you’re a little more comfortable,” Ferguson said. “In my position, the biggest thing for me is I know how to prepare. I know what to expect and how to prepare for those things, and I think that gives me a little bit of an edge and a little more comfort.”

Ferguson will rely on that experience as he tries to battle for a roster spot the next few months. Indianapolis used a fourth-round pick in last week’s NFL Draft on another speedy running back, Marlon Mack, who had a standout career at the University of South Florida.

And while the Colts currently have four running backs on their roster — the same number of backs they kept throughout last season — Ferguson knows there’s no guarantees in this league. The only thing he can control is how hard he works to earn a spot — likely the third running back spot behind starter Frank Gore and backup Robert Turbin, as well as in the return game, too.

“I think every year a player wants to progress to see what they can embark on that they didn’t get a chance to the year before; challenge themselves and see how far they can take their career, their bodies, their performance.

“Anytime you get to do something twice, it comes with a certain level of comfort and confidence,” Ferguson continued. “ I’m excited; I’m excited to get this offseason underway and learn more and take another step forward in my career.”

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