David Letterman, Andrew Luck Catch Up At Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Posted May 12, 2018

Former “Late Night” host — and Indianapolis native — David Letterman got a chance to meet up with Indianapolis Colts quarterback Andrew Luck Saturday at the IndyCar Grand Prix.

INDIANAPOLIS — David Letterman’s love for the Indianapolis 500 was sparked long before he decided to become an IndyCar team co-owner with Bobby Rahal back in the late 1990s.

A native Hoosier, and Indianapolis native, Letterman, like so many from the state before and after him, simply had a passion for racing ingrained into them at an early age.

So there Letterman was Saturday at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, decked out in his team’s blue suit and chatting it up with Andrew Luck.

Wait, what?

Yep, you read that right — it was a Battle of the Beards on Saturday at the Speedway.

The former Late Night host and the Colts quarterback got a chance to catch up a little bit and pose for a photo Saturday at the IndyCar Grand Prix:

It’s not the first — or even the second — time the two have had the chance to meet, however. Back in April 2012, just before he was selected No. 1-overall by the Colts in that year’s NFL Draft, Luck was a guest on Letterman’s show in New York City, where the All-American quarterback was told to enjoy the entire draft experience.

“I think I was more nervous to come out here than to go meet Commissioner Goodell,” Luck said with a laugh that night.

“Well, that’s how we like it,” Letterman responded, before running out into the crowd to catch a pass from the quarterback:

Luck also appeared on Letterman’s show back in January 2015.

Letterman, of course, also played a major role in last year’s statue dedication ceremony for legendary Colts quarterback Peyton Manning, telling the thousands in attendance outside of Lucas Oil Stadium that Manning “changed the skyline” of Indianapolis.

“This used to be a small town; it was a wonderful small town — this man has changed the skyline of this city,” Letterman continued. “Brought a Super Bowl championship to this city. Brought the Super Bowl to this city. … Not only did he change the skyline of this city, he changed the personality and the culture of this city. More importantly, as somebody who was born and raised here, still has family here, still loves Indiana, still loves Indianapolis, he left an imprint — a lasting imprint, indelible imprint — an influence that will live forever on the heart of my hometown.”

Letterman will always just have a deep love for, and a connection with, his hometown, he told reporters earlier this week.

“This is a connection you aren’t going to sever like anybody’s hometown,” Letterman said, via AutoWeek. “Indianapolis is my hometown. I spent time in Los Angeles and today I live in New York City, but Indiana is my home. My mom passed away last summer and was almost 95 years old. I have a deep, rigid, long, strong, relationship with this place.

“Sometimes, it’s hard to articulate what it means. It’s an emotional experience. I’m very happy to be from this state.”

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