Colts Could Be On HBO’s Hard Knocks

Posted Feb 13, 2017

Intro: The Colts are one of eight teams that the NFL can put on HBO’s Hard Knocks in 2017. Why are the Colts eligible to be on Hard Knocks?

INDIANAPOLIS – Under the NFL’s criteria, the Colts could be forced to be on HBO’s Hard Knocks this year.

The behind the scenes show that takes place during Training Camp gives fans tremendous access to what life is like for teams preparing for the regular season.

The Colts are a candidate for this year’s Hard Knocks because of the following reasons:

  • They do not have a new head coach.

  • They have not made the playoffs in the last two years.

  • They have not been previously chosen for Hard Knocks in the last decade.

Along with the Colts, the other eligible teams are the Bears, Browns, Buccaneers, Eagles, Ravens, Saints and Titans.

In the history of Hard Knocks (dates back to 2001), the Colts have never met the criteria to be on the show.

A team can volunteer for Hard Knocks, if they so choose.

Two of the last three teams to appear on Hard Knocks (Bengals-2013, Texans-2015) have gone on to make the playoffs in the same year they were showcased on HBO.

Last year’s announcement of the team going on Hard Knocks came in late May.


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