Chuck Pagano Discusses Vontae Davis Release

Posted Nov 9, 2017

Intro: Indianapolis Colts head coach Chuck Pagano addressed the media on Thursday about the team's decision to release veteran cornerback Vontae Davis.

Colts head coach Chuck Pagano, on the release of cornerback Vontae Davis:

"Obviously everybody knows about the release of Vontae Davis. Every decision that we make — that I make — is based on two things, and that’s what’s best for the football team — the team — and what gives us the best chance to win. This isn’t about one guy, OK? Nobody is bigger than the team, and that starts with me, OK? I’m not — nobody is. Only thing that matters is the football team, and winning. We love Vontae. I love Vontae. I’m grateful for the contributions that he’s made over the last six years. We’ve been together for a long time; he’s done a lot of great things for us. But we’re putting this to bed — we’re not going to talk about it anymore, we’re not going to answer anymore questions about it, and I’d expect you to honor that with (defensive coordinator) Ted (Monachino) coming up here, and so forth. And so, we wish Vontae nothing but the best moving forward. So, it’s Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh. Thank you."

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