2016 Colts Free Agent Watch: Charlie Whitehurst

Posted Feb 11, 2016

Intro: The final week of looking at the Colts unrestricted free agents is here. Next up is quarterback Charlie Whitehurst.

INDIANAPOLISCharlie Whitehurst was a reliever thrown into situations with base runners around him and no lead in sight.

That’s what life was like for Whitehurst in four appearances with the Colts last season.

For four straight weeks in 2015, the Colts turned to Whitehurst in the middle of a game.

With the Colts facing virtual must-win situations in December, Whitehurst entered in the fourth quarter of losses to Pittsburgh and Jacksonville.

The next week against Houston, Whitehurst played four snaps, while Matt Hasselbeck fought through another ailment.

Finally against Miami, Whitehurst was called on in the second quarter and finished the game, helping the Colts to their final road victory of the season.

Whitehurst played in four contests for the Colts this past season (68 snaps), going 16-of-32 for 150 yards and an interception.

The Colts needed Whitehurst in early November, when Andrew Luck was sidelined due to a lacerated kidney.

Once Hasselbeck began absorbing too many body blows in December, Whitehurst was under center.

With Hasselbeck and Whitehurst both now entering free agency, the Colts have several different avenues to potentially take in finding a backup for 2016.

Andrew Luck is healthy, and the obvious starter.

Who’s behind him?

Hasselbeck’s decision comes down to the 40-year-old (likely) wanting to still play, plus the Colts viewing him as a backup.

The Colts also have Josh Freeman, who led the Week 17 win, under contract.

Would Whitehurst fit into the equation with the above options seeming more likely?

No matter what happens, Whitehurst earned his contract in 2015 for how he handled several not so advantageous situations.

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