At each Colts home game this season, a deserving fan or group is selected to be the Horseshoe Hero(s) of the game. These fans are selected because of their outstanding contributions to our community or their exemplary courage and perseverance through challenging circumstances.

Krishna Dylan Malhotra
August 13th Colts vs. Lions
Zionsville, IN

At only six years old, Krishna is a huge Colts fan. Every weekend he listens to the games on the radio with his family. Although, Krishna, has been blind since birth, he has become an avid Colts supporter. Krishna is a huge football fan and enjoys hearing the crowd, touching the field, and experiencing the smells at a football game. This was his very first trip to Lucas Oil Stadium to experience the Colts play firsthand.

Levi Frank
August 31st Colts vs. Bengals
Rushville, IL

Levi is 19 years old and a lifelong Colts fan. In April 2016, his life changed when his mother, Rhonda, had a life altering heart attack. Levi was able to remain calm and perform CPR that ultimately saved his mother's life. Although Levi recently began college, he still continues to care for his mother by taking her to all of her medical appointments.

Issac Adams
September 17th Colts vs. Cardinals
Fort Wayne, IN

Issac Adams is a partner of Indianapolis based Cargo Services, Inc. He supplies environmentally friendly compostable tableware to grocery stores and restaurants around the country. With Isaac’s partnership, CSI has been able to work with the Indianapolis Colts and the Department of Child Services, through the Books for Youth program to provide books to underprivileged foster children throughout Indiana. We would like to thank Cargo Services, and its partners like Isaac Adams, for impacting the lives of young people across our state.


Lt. Cdr. Douglas A. Robb
September 24th Colts vs. Browns
West Lafayette, IN

Lieutenant Commander Robb is a Surface Warfare Officer who has served at sea onboard guided missile destroyers and squadron staff in the United States Pacific Fleet and has deployed multiple times.  Robb also served as a navy liaison to the U.S. House of Representatives and managed a multi-billion dollar portfolio of long-range precision strike missiles in the Pentagon.  He is a recipient of the Navy League's Decatur Award for Operational Competence and is a fromer Shiphandler of the Year.

Thank you to Doug, and to all who serve. 

Jeffery Gilchrist
October 8th Colts vs. 49ers
Indianapolis, IN

Jeffery Gilchrist is 64 years old and a lifelong Colts fan. He has lived in Indiana his whole life and graduated from Lawrence Central High School. Recently, Jeffery was diagnosed with Stage 4 Terminal Lung Cancer, but he has not let the diagnosis slow him down. He is committed to spending as much time as possible with his family.

Isaiah Irizarry
October 22nd Colts vs. Jaguars
Terre Haute, IN

Isaiah is 12 years old and was recently diagnosed with a malignant pure germinoma tumor. In June, he was rushed to Riley Children's Hospital where they were able to remove about 75% of the tumor. The other 25% of the tumor was wrapped around two of the main blood vessels in his brain, which resulted in an extensive chemotherapy regimen. Unfortunately, Isaiah's father passed away in February of 2012 from the same type of cancer. Although, Isaiah has undergone extensive medical treatments he is a strong fighter that lives by the motto "If you believe it then you can achieve it."

Sgt. Dawn Higgins
November 12th Colts vs. Steelers
Indianapolis, IN

Sgt. Dawn Higgins is a 34-year veteran of the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department and an advocate for survivors of domestic violence. She has served on the Coburn Place Board of Directors for the past five years while working closely with the Coburn Place Ambassador Committee and matching volunteers to clients based on their specific needs. Sgt. Dawn Higgins has dedicated her personal and professional life to providing safety, justice, and empowerment to the victims of domestic violence.

Xander Taylor
November 26th Colts vs. Titans
Waldron, IN

The Taylor family recently lost their home to a devastating fire. The family was able to escape, but the family's three children were seriously injured. At only five years old, Xander Taylor burned his lungs and throat and was placed on life support. After spending time in the hospital, he has slowly begun to recover. Xander is a huge Colts fan and excited to attend his first game.

Greyson Emmert
December 14th Colts vs. Broncos
Ligonier, IN

A couple months before turning two years old, Greyson was diagnosed with a Wilms Tumor, which is a tumor of the kidney. Following his diagnosis, Greyson had to get his left kidney and the tumor removed. He is currently undergoing chemotherapy, but that's not stopping him from enjoying life and being the most loving two year old.

Mark Hunter
December 31st Colts vs. Texans
Columbus, IN

Mark Hunter’s son, Army Sgt. Jonathon Hunter was killed in Afghanistan in August 2017. At only 23 years old, Jonathon was 32 days into his first deployment when he was killed in a suicide bombing attack in the southern Afghan city of Kandahar. Sgt. Jonathon Hunter was a standout football player at Columbus East High School in Indiana and graduated in 2011. Hunter married his wife, Whitney Stewart Hunter, on October 25, 2016. His father, Mark, noted that Jonathon was cheerful, loving, and religious. Mark and his family honored Jonathon's memory at the game.

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