GOAL 2025: Why a College Degree is Important to Your Future - and America's Future

Nothing is more urgent for our country than education beyond high school. Here’s why.  By 2020, two-thirds of all jobs will require a postsecondary education.

Goal 2025 is a growing movement to change our future – to see 60 percent of Americans with a high-quality degree, credential or certificate by 2025.  Across the country, cities, states, schools and individuals are making it a high priority for all students, regardless of race and income, to earn degrees, credentials and certificates.

When a student succeeds, America succeeds. Explore this site to learn more.

Goal 2025 is a national movement, a call to action to change our future and our nation. Goal 2025’s mission is targeted on achieving one ambitious, specific goal for college attainment: by the year 2025, 60 percent of Americans will hold high-quality degrees and credentials.

Launched in 2008, Goal 2025 is gaining national momentum with more and more states, cities, and metro areas adopting college attainment goals.  Learn more.

GOAL 2025

Colts DE Robert Mathis discusses going back to school to complete his degree.