Youth Football

Punt, Pass & Kick

NFL PP&K, the oldest grassroots initiative at the NFL, continues to reach children ages 6-15 and allows them to experience the fun of learning football fundamentals in an engaging and supportive non-contact environment.

To find a local NFL Punt, Pass & Kick Competition in your area please go to or contact Evelyn White at (317)614-7735.

The Indianapolis Colts held their Team Championship at Lucas Oil Stadium on November 30, 2014. Thank you to all of our participants.


Age GroupBoy ChampionGirl Champion
6/7 Ty Brown Genesis Austin
8/9 Porter Rode Alexis Tucker
10/11 Brenyn Winninghem Allysyn Becki
12/13 Ryan Lynch Sophia Saucerman
14/15 Bailey Meerzo Kristina Lynch