Community Relations

Since its inception in 2012, the Chuckstrong campaign has raised more than $3.5 million to support cancer research at the IU Simon Cancer Center. Here are a few examples of IU researchers who are charged with putting Chuckstrong dollars to work.

Shadia Jala, MD
Engineering a way to detect stray cancer cells in the blood so we can stop cancer from spreading
Bert O'Neil, MD
Testing new drugs that could add years to people's lives
Heiko Konig, MD
Designing new leukemia treatments for older patients who typically die of their disease
Drs. Sagar Sardesai, Greg Durm & Laura Lourdes
Training at IU so cancer patients of the future will have expert care
Rich Zellars, MD
Shortening breast cancer treatments so women can get back to doing what they love
Nadia Carlesso, MD, PhD
Making bone marrow transplants more successful to save more lives
Theresa Guise, MD
Trying to stop cancer from spreading to the bone and causing terrible pain
Karen Pollok, PhD
Delivering drugs to brain tumors more effectively
John Turchi, PhD
Determining how some cancers learn to outsmart chemo - and how to overcome that
Theresa Zimmers
Studying why cancer patients lose their muscle - and how to stop it
Milan Radovich, PhD
Unraveling the genetic mistakes that drive certain cancers so treatments can be customized for each patient
Max Schmidt, MD
Identifying early warning signs for pancreatic cancer so we can prevent it from ever developing
Debra Burns, PhD
Using music to help people with cancer cope.
Larry Einhorn, MD
Cured testis cancer 40 years ago and is now focused on improving the lives of survivors